Traditional dental implants have been quite successful at fixing tooth gaps. For a long time, they were the superior treatment option for persons looking to have a permanent near-natural solution. Dental implants resemble natural teeth in form and function. 

The downside of traditional implants is that you would have to have 6-10 dental implants per arch for them to be secure. With this condition, many patients had to have bone grafting surgery before the dental implant surgery. Bone grafting was done to ensure that the jawbones could support 6-10 dental implants. Bone grafting before the actual surgery made the process of getting implants lengthy. 

The All-on-4® Dental Implant Surgery Technique


The All-on-4 technique is a welcome alternative to the traditional method. Patients only have to have four implants per arch to secure their dentures. The dental surgeon places two of the four implants strategically to optimize the bone-to-implant ratio. In this way, even patients with low jawbone density can get implants, unlike before. Another advantage is that getting the implants is more efficient, quicker, and less traumatic for you. Its results are excellent. 

Qualifying for the Dental Implant Surgery


Although the All-on-4 dental implant surgery is less stressful than its predecessor, you must still meet some requirements to get the procedure. They include: 

Have Most or All Your Teeth Missing


Although traditional dental implants can be used for a single tooth or bridge, the All-on-4 is exclusively designed for full-arch dentures. As such, you must be missing several teeth on one or both arches. 

Your Health Must be Good


You must be healthy to have the surgery. The procedure remains a surgical procedure and carries some level of risk. Getting the surgery while unwell would heighten the risks involved. 

Your Gums Should be Reasonably Healthy


Pre-existing conditions would heighten the risks involved. They would also reduce the quality of your results. So, if you have any dental issues, have them addressed first. You would possibly need periodontal surgery before you can get the implants. As such, ensure that your gums and teeth are in the best condition possible. 

A Non-Smoker


You must not be a smoker, and if you were, you should be willing to quit the habit. Tobacco use is among the top reasons why implants fail. 

Have Adequate Jawbone Density


The All-on-4 dental implant procedure may not need as much dental bone density as traditional implants, but it needs some density all the same. The density is vital because the bone is the one that supports the implants. If you lack enough bone density, you may need some bone grafting before the dental implant procedure. 

Your Expectations Must Be Realistic


The doctor starts by asking about your expectations with dental implant surgery. He or she may then walk you through the procedure and let you know what the surgery can achieve. If the procedure’s outcome does not match your expectations, then the surgery may not be for you. 

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