The solution to your missing teeth and problems with your dentures may be dental implants. The procedure may seem time-consuming, but it has a high success rate. It allows you to regain normal oral function, and the implants feel like your teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?

These are permanent alternatives to dentures. Dentists surgically embed the implants into your jawbone, and the small metal rod acts like your natural tooth. It gives the replacement tooth something to anchor on, restoring your oral functions.

Recovery depends on several factors, but it takes six to eight months to recover. During this time, you will also regain your oral functions without assistance. What are those factors affecting recovery?

Smoking and Alcohol

If you smoke and take alcohol, you will need to refrain or stop. These habits affect the healing process. They also increase your likelihood of developing an infection. They restrict your body’s ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients that it needs to heal. Consequently, the habits increase the chances of your dental implants failing.

Number of Teeth to Replace

The number of teeth you need to replace will also affect your recovery time. The more the teeth, the more time you will need to heal. You must give yourself time to heal and follow your doctor’s instructions. It ensures that the procedure is effective and your dental implants integrate optimally with your jaw.

Location of Tooth Replacement

Replacement teeth in the lower jaw take longer to recover than those in the upper one. So you need to give them adequate time and care for a total recovery. It increases your chances of dental implant success. Follow your doctor’s instructions for caring for your dental implants.

Whether You Require Bone Grafting

You may require several steps during your installation of dental implants. One of those steps is the need for bone grafting. This step is necessary if you do not have enough healthy bones. In this case, you will need to schedule the bone graft procedure several months before the dental implant surgery.

The healing process can take anywhere between three weeks to three months. It depends on how much work you require. After healing, the process of installing dental implants can continue.

Overall Health

Like any other surgery, your overall health contributes to how fast you heal. If you have diabetes or any other ailment, there is a risk that the wounds may get infections. It may cause complications to the healing process and cause the dental implants to fail.

If you are suffering from any ailments, follow your doctor’s instructions. They will make the difference whether you regain your oral functions or go back to having oral problems.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

This is a requirement to ensure that your dental implants are a success. Follow the instructions on how to take care of your implants after surgery. Also, make sure to maintain optimal oral health to avoid infections.

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