Routine dental cleanings are an important part of maintaining good oral hygiene. Professional dental cleaning is a prophylactic measure taken to remove tartar from your teeth. Tartar can develop even if you routinely brush your teeth, which is just one reason why professional dental cleanings are important.

Preventing Loss of Teeth

If you suffer from gum disease and don’t seek medical attention, you could lose your teeth. Chronic gum disease destroys supporting bone tissue in your jaw, which loosens your teeth and leads them to fall out. Routine dental cleanings reduce your risk of gum disease.

Maintaining Fresh Breath

A good dental routine controls the bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath. While brushing and flossing your teeth at home can reduce bad breath, having a professional cleaning every six months may do you wonders.

Preventing Cavities

One of the most important reasons you should have dental cleanings is to prevent cavities. In the long run, it’s cheaper to have regular dental cleanings than to have root canals and fillings. Your dental insurance may have a little-to-no copay for exams and cleanings. If you do not have dental insurance, regular visits to your dentist are still cheaper than an expensive procedure in the future.

Promote General Wellness

Your tongue and mouth are visible indicators of your general wellness, as your dental health affects your overall health. The roots of your teeth sit near brain cavities and sinuses. As a result, a tooth infection affects other parts of your body. However, regular dental cleanings and checkups boost your general well-being and keep you healthier.

How to Prevent Fillings

Cavities happen when you neglect to take care of your teeth. Once you have a cavity in your teeth, you will need to get a filling to prevent further infection and decay. Tooth fillings have mercury, which is harmful to your body in high quantities. Mercury can damage your kidneys, brain, heart, and lungs. 

Here are some measures you can take to prevent cavities:

  • Rinsing after meals — If you cannot brush your teeth after having a meal, rinse your mouth with clean water. This washes away the excess sugar and reduces the accumulation of bacteria and plaque on your teeth. Clean tap water is ideal for rinsing your mouth since it contains fluoride, which prevents tooth decay.


  • Avoid foods with sugar — Whatever you put in your mouth affects your dental health. Excess sugar aids in creating cavities. Restrict foods and drinks with sugar to mealtimes. Regular snacking on sugary foods increases the chances of tooth decay. Be careful about the sugar content of what you eat.


  • Brush your teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride — Fluoride helps avert tooth decay. Do this at least twice a day to reduce the risk of cavities.


  • Visit a dentist — It is advisable to go for regular dental checkups. This ensures that your dentist can detect and treat tooth decay and cavities before they get out of hand.

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