What is restorative dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is a personalized set of dental treatments designed to bring your teeth back to their optimal state or correct them if you’ve always had issues. This highly advanced form of dentistry is beneficial to:

  • Help you smile with confidence
  • Resolve issues with chewing or biting
  • Strengthen your teeth to prevent further damage or decay

Restorative dentistry solutions can even help you with speech issues you may have because of missing or broken teeth. Dr. Rees designs your restorative dentistry plan with your concerns and your desired outcome in mind.

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Why do I need restorative dentistry?

At the office of Robert A. Rees, DDS, you have access to a highly-skilled dentist who provides the most up-to-date treatment solutions available. You may benefit from restorative dentistry if you have:

  • Missing or broken teeth
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Older silver fillings
  • Misshapen teeth

Restorative dentistry treatments are just as unique as you. Dr. Rees talks with you about your oral health and helps you decide which treatments may work best for your smile and bite needs. Dr. Rees also counsels you about proper oral hygiene practices, so you can prevent further issues and ensure your restorative treatment lasts as long as possible.

​​​​​​​Which restorative dentistry treatment do I need?

Dr. Rees tailors your restorative dentistry treatment plan to you based on your overall health and dental history. Generally, he combines at least two of the following treatment solutions to perfect your smile:

  • Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • Conventional or immediate-full dentures
  • Bonding or white fillings
  • Partial dentures
  • Crowns or bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Oral surgery

Dr. Rees understands how uncomfortable some restorative dentistry treatments can be. He thoroughly numbs your gums using the state-of-the-art The Wand® system, which delivers precise doses of numbing solutions into targeted areas, for a virtually pain-free procedure. If needed, you also have the option of undergoing sedation dentistry treatments to help you drift off during your restorative dental process.