Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced real and lasting results from Robert A. Rees, DDS

“Moses is an excellent hygienist! I highly recommend Dr. Rees and his whole team for all your dental needs.

– Joanne Berry

“ Dr. Rees does his work with compassion. I had a local infection on my molar, my right gum was swollen and I have no commercial dental insurance. Dr. Rees still checked my tooth for free and prescribed me an antibiotic which helped my infection. Dr. Rees is a good dentist with a good heart. Always thankful and grateful. ”

– Rowena

“I have been Dr. Rees’s patient for the past two years. He is a really good dentist/endo/oral surgent. I had 5 Onlays, 2 fillings, 1 root canal, and 1 implant done with Dr. Rees. He did a great job on all of those procedures. Prices are reasonable. I have compared Dr. Rees with other dentists and got second opinions but always came back. I prefer Dr. Rees over previous dentists I had or the ones I had the second opinion with.

Dr. Rees is honest, usually, I ask to check on the tooth myself. During cleanings and check-ups, he doesn’t try to push more services like other dentists and tells you whether or not a procedure can wait for another year or so or not. He is further away from where I live and work but once you find a good dentist it’s worth commuting.

My friend referred me to him two years ago she did all her onlays, fillings and three implants done with Dr. Rees and all were successful. I refer Dr. Rees to my coworkers and friends. Moses is also great. They are very friendly which is a plus.”

– Dinara Ussenova

“Dr. Rees and staff are always so nice and make going to the dentist a pleasant experience. Thank you!”

– Christine Lamb

“Dr. Robert Rees is a skilled and dedicated dentist whom I trust and highly recommend. Always extremely careful in his work, he keeps a meticulous long term watch over my teeth and overall dental health. I’ve been his patient for a number of years now and respect him deeply.”

– Sally Buffington

“Dr Rees helped me to make the decision to get Invisalign, which I always wanted, but I was also a little scared to take the plunge. Dr. Rees was accommodating when I asked for additional, detailed, information, and walked me through what I could expect. I am halfway through and my smile is already noticeably improved! I’m looking forward to the end results! Thank you, Dr. Rees!”

– Catherine Clark