Restorative dentistry encompasses any dental procedure that helps repair or restore your oral structures. It covers dental specialties like periodontics, endodontics, and prosthodontics. They involve implants, bridges, and fillings. However, cosmetic dental procedures are not part of restorative dentistry.

Prevent Movement of Teeth

When you have a missing tooth or more, it may unsettle the positions of your other teeth. More issues can arise when your remaining teeth shift from their usual places. Solving this problem may be costly since you may have to get braces. If you want to save time and money, fix the issue as soon as possible with restorative dentistry.

Better Chewing Function

Chewing food may seem a simple act that comes naturally to you. It is an intricate process that requires your teeth, jaw, and tongue to synchronize to pre-digest food. Any interruption in this process may result in choking or digestive issues.

If you have pain from a tooth on one side of the mouth, you may rely on the other to chew food. Restorative dentistry can help solve this predicament. It can also help improve your speech.

Better Dental Structure

Teeth help support the shape of your gums. Without them, the framework of your mouth can weaken and deteriorate over time. A sure solution to this is dental implants. They can replace upset teeth to ensure that your gums have the support they require. When the implants bond with your gums, they reinforce the jaw, thus sustaining and preparing it for years to come.

Avoid Pain

Decaying teeth and cavities can be excruciatingly painful without treatment. Regular dental appointments can help discover this problem early to avoid being in this situation. By the time the tooth pain becomes severe, your dentist may be unable to save the tooth.

Better Oral and Overall Health

Oral hygiene plays a vital role in your overall health. The state and appearance of the gums can either indicate that you are healthy or at risk of heart failure, stroke, diabetes, or other compromising health issues. Restoration dentistry helps keep your gums and teeth healthy, minimizing the risk of contracting any relative diseases.

Improves Appearance

The color, shape, and evenness of teeth may dictate how your smile looks to others. An attractive smile goes a long way in improving your self-image. Many procedures in restorative dentistry can help improve your appearance. Laser whitening can help remove tooth discoloration due to genetics or bad habits. The same treatment can also complement your skin tone and surrounding facial features.

Restorative dentistry can make you look years younger. Many celebrities and models pay special attention to their teeth to improve their appearances. Some oral experts claim that a healthy smile may subtract or add up to five years.

Reduce Discomfort in the Jaw

Misalignment of teeth can cause several dental problems. They range from stiff jaw muscles, incessant teeth clicking, jaw pain, and involuntary self-biting. Some people may experience these symptoms, as well as insomnia and persistent headaches. Dental procedures like fillings, teeth straightening, bridges, dental implants, and crowns can help ease your discomfort.

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